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Welcome to My World of Fetish and Fantasy Realization!


 Only those 18 and older can explore My Kingdom. All others must leave

my Dungeon walls at once!!















I invite you to expand your horizons and indulge in secret personal fetishes under the Control of a Beautiful, Experienced, Dominant Woman's strict but sensual hand. Enter My World and say goodbye to the mundane! This is where fantasies are realized and all of your dreams come true.

My Dungeon is located in Birmingham, Alabama it is fully equipped featuring a custom made St Andrews Cross, Spanking Bench, Bondage Table, 1950's Vintage Dentist Chair, OBGYN Exam Tables, Body Bag, Suspension, Exam Bench, CBT Chair, Cage, Leather Bed/Cage.  I truly enjoy those submissives and slaves who crave confinement. I encourage both overnight stays and those of shorter durations.

My Dungeon is absolutley full of toys and clothes for role play and humiliation! I have everything needed to make your innermost desires come true at My command! You will kneel and say,"Thank You Mistress Ann for this moment."

I  am Interviewed and featured on the cover of Kink~E magazine; February-March 2015 Issue.  KINKEMAGAZINE.COM 





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Mistress Ann


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MistressAnnDomi Just saying creepy pervert phone voice doesn't make you sound submissive. Just like Yelling & talking Smack doesn't make you a Dom.
MistressAnnDomi RT @terryslavet: @MistressAnnDomi mum(mom) knows best 👵
MistressAnnDomi RT @sissypigfaggot: @MistressAnnDomi of course i have a misspelling in the email i sent you...good grief @edityourselfdummy
MistressAnnDomi @sissypigfaggot Yeah I need Doms to stop breaking into My Birmingham Gallery!