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Welcome to My World of Delightful Senses



miss ann2 If you have yearned to have someone open your senses to enjoy your personal fetishes under the Control of a Dominant Woman's hand. Then gain entrance into my World.

My studio is here in Birmingham, Alabama that is fully equipt having the cross, spanking bench, bondage table, 1950's Vintage Dentist Chair, and a Leather Bed Bdsm Cage for those who dare to crave confinement for long overnight stays or just being locked up for hours within my Studio.
And full of toys, clothes for role playing, everything to make your inter most desires putty in my hands and voice.  

I am also apart of the Sisterhood Of Atlanta Dungeon in Georgia. Where you can ask for Duel sessions, Or Solo Sessions to Worship under My Leathers within the Atlanta Dungeon. 



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Mistress Ann

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MistressAnnDomi August 28-30 I am in Nashville Tennessee. Only a few appointments left open. Evil Smiles
MistressAnnDomi August 28-30 I penetrate My heels into Nashville TN. By Appointments only..
MistressAnnDomi You see this bdsm title, but it shows you very vanilla porn. I did come out in BDSM for a reason.Vanilla was a slow torture against the soul
MistressAnnDomi I turned "Sunday Sins" into My Holy Missions. Evil Smiles & Evil Wink